At Healthy Together we have found this Tiny Habits method works very well to easily create and maintain Good Habits.

What is a "Tiny Habit"?

A “Tiny Habit” is a behaviour:

  • you do at least once a day
  • that takes you less than 30 seconds
  • that requires little effort

Check out the videos below and visit the Tiny Habits website for more information.

BITESIZE | How to Build Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime | BJ Fogg

by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee   /  January 8, 2021

This week’s guest is Professor BJ Fogg, a leading expert in behaviour change

Methods for building habits have often focussed on repetition, willpower and motivation. BJ believes there’s a simpler approach. Habit formation is linked to our emotions and by creating a feeling of success we can wire in a habit.

We discuss my own experience with patients as well as the results he has seen with his own program. Finally, BJ reveals how easy it is to form new habits by using his 3-step method. When you do something and feel successful, that behaviour becomes more automatic. Feeling good can be the key to forming new healthy habits that last a lifetime……

Have a look at this longer video for a more in depth look at the Tiny Habits method. Don't forget to visit the Tiny Habits website.