At Incredible Edible we have one overriding truth – that people have the power to create places they are proud of with futures full of hope, where anyone can be involved. If you eat, you’re in!

Today we are a federation of independent groups world wide. There is one recipe – the three plates – but everywhere the recipe is tried, it comes out with a distinctly local flavour. We celebrate this diversity and embrace this difference.

What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells at the TEDSalon the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their community.

In this #ACOonAir interview from the 'Rethinking the Urban Landscape' exhibition, Pam Warhurst, Co-Founder of Incredible Edible Todmorden discusses their work with the Landscape Institute, the work of the Incredible Edible Todmorden and the importance of bringing green into urban centres.