Q. Why are you giving away free £500 holidays and are holidays available for £500?

     We have teamed up with You Love Holidays and they are giving away the £500 holidays to help promote their business, they are also helping us      to raise money for a minibus to enable us to run our future activity programs. They will also donate a percentage of their profit to us from any            holiday they sell.

     Yes there are plenty of holidays and events available for £500, 

Q.  If I win a holiday, can I use the value of it to book a more expensive holiday and pay the difference?

Yes you can, all holidays are provided by our partners You Love Holidays and they will deal with booking your holiday.

Q  How will you spend the funds you raise from the raffles?

The funds will be spent in line with our aims which are to Encourage and Support you to Live Longer, Healthier, Balanced Lives and have fun while doing it.

Q. Why don't you accept card payments on your website?

Due to the fact we run raffles, the payment providers class this as gambling and most of them will not deal with smaller charities and the ones that will, charge exorbitant fees. We are currently trying to find a suitable payment provider that does not charge such high fees.