Q. Why don't you accept card payments on your website?

 Due to the fact we run a lottery, the payment providers class this as gambling and most of them will not deal with smaller charities and the ones that will, charge exorbitant fees. We are currently trying to find a suitable payment provider that does not charge such high fees. 

Q. Is the Covid-19 antibody test accurate?

Please read the four different descriptions on the product page or visit the manufacturers website, https://www.surescreen.com/ .This test is designed by a British company and is CE marked, they have published data relating to its accuracy. 

Q. What happens if you don't sell 400 tickets for a particular lottery?

The figures will be adjusted accordingly maintaining the 50% split between the prize and the charity.

Q. Why have you suspended the sale of the Covid-19 Antibody Test.

We have suspended the individual sale of the test until we can offer the test in a suitable setting. 

If you wish to be kept informed when/if we find a suitable setting, please add the item to your basket and follow the checkout process but do non make an offline payment.

If you would like to contribute to help provide free tests for key workers then you can either donate or play our lotteries.

We originally hoped to sell this product in small quantities to enable people to test themselves for obvious reasons. We intended to use the profit from this to supply key workers with free tests.

However, we have since been made aware that only one bottle of solution is supplied with each box of 25 tests and that the solution cannot be bought separately. It is inadvisable to pass the solution from person to person as it should remain in a sterile enviroment, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the test.

The ideal scenario is to have a medical professional conduct all of the tests at one location.