Cycling is a great way to maintain or improve your health and there are many beautiful places to cycle in Liverpool.

We have produced some short videos of cycling routes which are also suitable for walking, please keep checking back or subscribe to our youtube channel as we will be releasing more videos and maps.  

A Tour of The Liverpool Loop Line showing all of the exit points from Wango Lane Aintree to Higher Road Halewood. The Liverpool Loop Line is a great place to cycle, it is mainly flat, it's traffic free, you can join it from numerous locations, it also links to The Leeds Liverpool Canal and many parks and green spaces. This means you can vary the locations and the distance of your rides and make them as long or as short as you require.

This is a tour of the Leeds Liverpool Canal from Wango Lane to Great Howard Street including all of the exit points. The Leeds Liverpool Canal is another great traffic free place to cycle, you can join it from numerous locations and it links to The Liverpool Loop Line, many parks and green spaces and with a short journey by road it links to the Pier Head and along the waterfront to Otterspool.